Beginning on October 10th through November 7th we will be sponsoring a special fine arts exhibit.

Tarryl Gabel, one of our featured artists, was voted 2011 Best Artist in the Hudson Valley by the readership of Hudson Valley Magazine. At the same time Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill in Cold Springs received the 2011 award for the Best Restaurant in Putnam County. NMIW immediately saw the synergy and acted.

We spoke with Cathryn Fadde the proprietor of the Tuscan Grill about a special exhibition of Tarryl’s paintings in the restaurant and put a program together to publicize the event. Cathryn applauded the idea. Although Tarryl is a well known artist of the Hudson River School Revival and has received numerous other awards, NMIW felt the public needed to know more about the person and the driving forces and inspirations behind her work. We met with Tarryl to talk about her work and the exhibit at Cathryn’s which can be seen in the video accompanying this post. Please visit Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill’s website for their hours of operation.



In conjunction with a leading luxury real estate broker, NMIW’s Custom Publishing has developed a new and innovative product to help market and sell high-end residential real estate properties. The meltdown of the U.S. housing market has had significant economic consequences for both the homeowner and the realtor. Continued falling prices have eroded homeowner equity and are expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Days on market and the realtor cost of sales have increased resulting in diminished realtor margins and unhappy sellers who are burdened with operating expenses on properties that they feel should have been sold. In many high-end properties, the seller has resorted to renting the property in the hope of salvaging some equity in the event of a market rebound.

We believe that in periods of turmoil, innovative approaches to marketing and selling of upscale residential real estate are required. These strategies should be well thought out and consistent with the realtor’s brand and the image of selling an exclusive product. In the high-end real estate marketplace, gimmicky sales approaches and buyer incentives not only cheapen the brand, but diminish the reputation of the realtor as a purveyor
of exclusive properties to the affluent.

Coffee table books from high-end publishers such as Abrams Books and Rizzoli are seen as better homes to entertain and impress visitors. These books make the statement that the owner is a person of culture and good taste and of the means to express these qualities in his purchases. The same can be said of buyers of
upscale real estate. It is more than the purchase of a real property asset whose intrinsic value cannot be disputed. It is a subtle, and often not so subtle, statement as to who the purchaser is and how the purchaser wishes to be seen in the eyes of his peers.

We believe a sales strategy that combines traditional sales techniques with the use of a high-end coffee table book which artfully depicts the property to be sold, along with an online version on the realtor’s website will create a synergistic effect. It will improve the productivity of the sales force by providing them with a powerful sales tool and shortening the sales cycle. The book doesn’t look like an advertisement. It is designed to offer a way of focusing the prospective buyer’s attention on one property at a time—playing into the emotional aspects of owning a showplace worthy of publication in an art book.

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